Rising Tide Community Academy

Premier Community Based STEM Schools in Action

Communities are a powerful source of  wisdom and leadership for our youth.  The Academy is a faith based partnership between industry, education and community based organizations including the local church leadership and congregations.

Rising Tide Community Academy

Our name is taken from the saying "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats" which historically references how improvements in our economy will benefit everyone. A key performance indicator to a rising economy is education system that works as measured by outcomes. 

As a community we need to embrace our role in lifting the tide of expectations for our children in order to change our future. This shared responsibility includes parents, providers, employers, government, education, and public safety. Communities gather together in churches and public spaces. Our ability to come together for a common purpose directly relates to a rising tide.  

Community Based Learning

Learning is more than retention.  Learning is an engaged process.  Life presents us with a host of decisions and obstacles.  Our capacity to solve problems begins with our ability to know we are not alone.  Communities of faith are bound to serve.  Our leadership will rise to our expectations. 

We have an opportunity to come together as one.  One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Unified by the pursuit of excellence in service and deeds.  Kindness and love can forward change.  We are building a new education system with an eye to the future, and a desire to both bolster our standards and raise our expectations.

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